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Use HDPE Signage To Create Marketing Materials That Won't Fade Or Break Down Over Time

High-density polyethylene, more commonly referred to as HDPE, is a type of plastic that is widely used for many different products or applications. HDPE is a very popular plastic because of the numerous features or benefits it can provide as a material, and today, more and more people looking to create new signage for their store or marketing campaign are turning to HDPE to meet their needs. Here's why you might want to reach out to a provider of HDPE signage when creating your next batch of marketing materials or signs.

HDPE Can Remain Outdoors Without Fading Due to UV Exposure

If you need to put some signs outdoor for some reason and you want the sign to last for a long time, going with cardboard or any other paper-based sign is not a good idea. Paper-based signs and actually even some lesser plastics than HDPE may yellow over time or suffer damage from exposure to the elements. The sun, in particular, can cause issues with some sign materials due to the UV rays it sends down. HDPE is a material that can stay outdoors for the long-term, even under a bright sun, and won't fade or diminish in any way.

HDPE Can Stand Up to Extreme Temperatures Both Hot and Cold

Beyond UV rays and occasional inclement weather, HDPE is a material that can also handle extreme temperatures. If you need to put signage up in a production plant where temperatures will rise or fall dramatically, HDPE can stand up to the test. It's ideal for safety signs that you might need to put right next to your production or manufacturing equipment, where the temperature might be quite a bit hotter or colder than it is throughout the rest of your warehouse or facility. Outdoor signs placed in an area where it reaches triple digits Fahrenheit in the summer or below zero in the winter will also manage just fine when crafted from HDPE. 

HDPE Signs Are Easy to Wipe Down and Keep Clean Just Like Most Other Plastic Surfaces

Plastic is a sturdy material and it's relatively easy to wipe a plastic surface down and get it looking good as new. HDPE in particular is a type of plastic that can handle most cleaning solutions without the chemicals causing any damage or otherwise changing the appearance of the sign.

If you want to create new signage that is durable and will last for many years, make the investment in HDPE by contacting a local provider today.